Problem Gambling Counselling Services

Inner Journey Mission is a holistic Counselling Service. Problem gambling is an addic­tion which severely damages the gambler and their family, and is difficult to quit. Overcoming gambling addiction needs various diversions, therapies, and support networks to rebuild the body, mind and soul. We offer a series of counselling and support services tailored to help problem gamblers.


Peer Support Group

The Inner Journey Peer Support Groups help gamblers understand the factors contributing to their addiction together with others who share similar experiences. The care, support and encouragement provided in these groups are valuable in helping gamblers maintain and strengthen their resolve to quit.


Family Support Group

Problem gambling can cause great damage to a family’s economic, relational and emotional well-being. Inner Journey’s Family Support Groups aims to help family members stay together and support a gambler in the fight to overcome addiction.


Gambling Prevention Courses

These intensive courses provide education and training to people who want to learn core sills on how to about gambling prevention measures.


Counsellor Training Courses

These courses are designed for persons who need the knowledge and skills to help problem gamblers in a professional capacity. Specialist counselling techniques are taught to more effectively assist gambling addiction.