About Us


Reverend Tony and Michelle Choy established Inner Journey in response to God's call to serve the urban community. Inner Journey’s purpose is ‘to create a pure heart and renew a steadfast spirit’ in others so they may experience wholeness of mind, body and spirit. To achieve this, Inner Journey provides problem gambling, marriage and family counselling and spiritual renewal training.


The journey started in 1982 when Rev. Choy was called to full-time ministry to support the Chinese community working in restaurants across Australia. The pair continued to work in Sydney for over 15 years; during this time they established various not for profit organisations to support the Chinese community, and opened Chinese schools and a number of churches.


Following this, they spent 10 years in Hong Kong, where Michelle worked in Christian churches to promote personal devotion and prayer, and also completed a Master of Spiritual Theology. At the same time Tony worked as a senior pastor in Christian churches


While working as a Pastor in Hong Kong, Michelle organised many leadership retreats, prayer meetings and spiritual renewal training programs. It was through close contact with the church community that Michelle witnessed first-hand their struggles and felt a strong sense of God’s calling to nurture others in personal devotion practices. Michelle was introduced to the ‘Lectio Divina’ devotional approach during her studies which led to a breakthrough in her personal spiritual life and inspired her to teach this method of Christian meditation to people who seek the same renewing influence in their lives.


As a senior Pastor Tony had close contact with pastors and the church community. Through this Rev. Choy witnessed first-hand the prevalence of people trapped in the tragic cycle of problem gambling, self-doubt and daily struggle.  It was during this time that he pursued studies and attained qualifications to provide specialist assistance to problem gamblers and families in crisis. He felt a strong sense of God calling him to minister to people trapped in this hardship.


In 2011, the husband and wife team set up the Sydney based Inner Journey ministry in response to this vision. The Inner Journey mission is to change lives by unifying mind, body and spirit through Christian based spiritual revival and therapy. This is achieved by helping people stamp out harmful habits, find healing for past hurts and rebuild their relationship with God and their families.