Spiritual Growth Group

Spiritual Renewal Program

This Program emphasizing spiritual practice, reflection, sharing and prayer, this course aims to help Christians to acquire the skills of contemplative prayer and meet our Lord in daily spiritual practice, and renew their spiritual life through traditional ways of spiritual practice.


Devotional Practices Course

Look at our spiritual journey. What is “Devotional Practce” ? Historically, how have christians developed their personal spirituality? Introduce four methods of contemplative prayer practice: Lectio Divina; Jesus-Prayer; Centering Prayer; Affective Devotion and Practical Devotion.


Day Camp for Prayer and Fasting; Spiritual Renewal Retreats

Review your inner spiritual life through a retreat. Strengthen personal prayer, pursuit the discipline of the holy life.  Encourage Christians to interact with God with a simple and open heart, enjoy being in the love of God.


Spiritual Guidance

It’s different from counseling - Spiritual Guidance focuses on inner self and its transformation from God. How can Christians struggling with life’s decisions tackle issues from a spiritual perspective, and so deepen their relationship with God.


Spiritual Growth Group

Build up a spiritual network for Christian, by keep watching and encouraging each other to continuous spiritual practice.

Program Requirement: come with an open and hungering heart to deeper your relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


Spiritual Director : Pastor Michelle Choy (B.Ad Ed, MCS, MA, ThM)

Enrollment and Enquirers: 0420 206 464